Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know it is September, it seems like you should be hearing that in January! But in the School World it is that exciting time of year when Happy New Year takes on a new meaning!  I am excited to be starting a new school year in a new grade level and am planning on using this blog to post journeys we take in room 412 this year.  I hope parents and students will visit this spot to take a look at (or even to post, 3rd graders--this means you!)  what we've been up to!

I am starting with a quick post and photos of  our room now that the only thing it is missing is learners!! This spot will be under construction and will go through changes throughout the year!  Stop by to see what's new!
View of our calendar, check in area and social studies board.

Here is our whole group meeting spot with a trunk that will hold some of our tools for our adventures!

Small group learning area, can't wait to fill our empty tree with reading strategies and possibly poems? A Poet-Tree if you will!  (thanks, Mrs. F for the idea!)

Our Library and Wonder Window!

Chapter books!

Picture books! (excuse the messy desk behind it-that is my stuff to go home on top!)

Mailboxes and extra supply area (there is a meeting table in front that is not pictured-oops!)


Here you can see an extra writing area and our monthly themed books!
So here's your sneak peek, the room and this blog are definitely going to be under construction with the help of my students!  Can't wait to see you all on Wednesday!  If you can make it, Stop by on Tuesday at 2:00 to Drop off supplies and say hello!  I'll be there until 3:30!