Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to "Read to Someone"

In our classroom we are doing the Daily 5.  One of the things in Daily 5 is " Read to Someone."

This is what we do:

Ask a classmate to read with you.

Get your Book Box.

Find a good spot to read.

Sit on your bottoms-- Elbow to elbow, Knee to knee (EEKK!)

Choose something to read.
Take turns reading to each other in partner voices.

Read to someone is good becasue we like it and we like to pracitce reading.

Maybe you should try reading to someone too!

How to Use Xtra Math

Xtra math is done on a computer. We use it to practice math facts. We are working to get better at addition facts. After we log-in and get to Xtra Math we click the start button.

  A math fact is on the screen like 6+2=  we use the numbers on the keyboard to enter an answer.

 If you get it right,you go on to the next question.  If you get it wrong, you will see the answer.  You have to type the answer to get the next fact.  You have 10 seconds to answer.  We can do Xtra math in the computer lab, in the classroom, or at home.  We just have to remember our individual PIN numbers. 

The green dots time how long it takes you to answer.
This is what it looks like if you take too long.

Here is an example of the results of a quiz.  The Smiley faces are for correct answers.

Do you think you would like to try Xtra Math too?

Click the link here: Xtra Math to go to the site.

The Water Cycle

In science we are learning about the water cycle. We made our own water cycle in a baggie. You can too. Here is how you do it:

1 plastic bag with a ziplock top
1 sharpie permanent marker
1/4 cup of water
masking tape

1. Use the marker to write these words on the bag:
condensation, evaporation, precipitation
2. Pour the water into the bag. Zip it tight.
3. Use the tape to tape the bag to a window.
4. Observe what happens.

Now you have your own water cycle!

Please tell us what you think of this project.

If you try this yourself, comment about what you observed.