Thursday, May 9, 2013

Book buddies

On Friday afternoons we team up with Miss Koenig's kindergarten class to read.  We practice fluency and have had fun getting to know new friends.  Here is Abby's post about our Fridays:
                                                        -Mrs. L.
Book buddy

My book buddy is my kindergartener friend Logan and my partner Annika. We read lots of books to Logan. We read on Fridays for one  half hour. He likes the book Fly high fly guy.   by Abby 

Math games

by Erik

At math time we play math games on Sheppard software like math-man and fractions shoot. At math- man is a game where you try to get the right answer to the question. At fractions shoot you shoot the  right fraction. There are more math games on Sheppard software so check it out for yourself! 

Math Games

 Math games we play in class are on a website called Shepard Software. My opinion for favorite math game is Monkey Drive. You’re a monkey driving its way through a course to get bananas , you have to drive into math problems or answers you can get to with the number on your car. So there is math games and spelling games, and MORE-MORE-MORE! And that concludes our presentation about monkeys, I mean math games. Bye and be sure you check out Shepard Software!
by Marco


In our classroom we have jobs. Every week we change them.the jobs are: Line leader, Messenger , post master, Electrician,Calendar, Pencil sharpener,Book keeper, Weather, House keeper, Substitute, And table captin. If you are line leader you are always at the front of the line. When you are messenger you bring down the notes. If you are electrician you turn the lights on and off. Those  are our class jobs and how you do some.

Written by: Hailey

Liana is picking her job.

This is our Job Chart.

Here are some job sticks.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013